smarter toys... happier dogs

did you know that 15 minutes of nosework is the same as a 1 hour walk?

that's why nosework toys are the most stimulating, healthy and rewarding toys you can find.

our high quality toys come in the most unique designs, carefully thought out with pockets, folds, nooks and crannies which you can fill up with your dog's favourtie treats or kibble.

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we've ranked each toy by it's level of difficulty.

grab one from each level to build up your dog's skills.

level 1 | just for fun

just looking for a good time? start your dog's nosework adventure with our cute and easy to figure out toys, designed to be simple and fun.

just for fun toys

level 2 | stimulating

looking for something a bit more stimulating? our level 2 toys will get your dog's nose sniffing, their brains thinking. you'll have them begging you for more treat refills!

stimulating toys

level 3 | challenging

looking for a challenge? these toys are like the Rubik's Cube of our collection! designed to give your dog the challenge they need to stay busy all day.

challenging toys
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