About us

Our goal is simple, we just want to make those tails wag and get those noses sniffing!
We're a family run business operating out of our downtown Toronto apartment. We moved to Toronto as a family in June 2020 at the peak of the pandemic, and our way to make friends and meet people was by chatting to all the wonderful dog owners at the local dog parks! Tiggy runs the show and is my daily inspiration, he's a 5lb toy poodle full of energy and joy.
Our toys are sourced from quality Korean retailers that we ship over here to sell directly to you! Koreans are true innovators in the pet industry and have some really cool products, so we just want to spread the joy to north america. 
we hope to bump into you at the local downtown dog parks! Tiggy loves to hangout at  David Pecaut Square, Grange and Stanley park! his instagram handle is @itstiggythepoodle, follow him and DM us to setup a playdate!
Happy snuffling!