why nosework toys for dogs?

when I take the snuffle toy or mat out of the toy box, my dog's attention becomes focused on that item and they know it's fun time! Aside from his food bowl and walks, this is probably his favorite activity to do and now we have a toy box filled with these nosework toys!

What is a nosework toy? A nosework toy is an interactive toy that challenges your dog to sniff and forage for treats or kibble. They come with folds and pockets to hide treats in and can keep your dog busy and happy for hours! Use them while you're on that zoom meeting and need an hour of quiet, they're a great indoor activity during those rainy days or if you're just looking for a puzzle to challenge your dog's brain! Our toys come in levels 1-3, we've got something for everyone!

Why we love nosework toys and mats so much? For a dog, it's all about the nose. A dog's sense of smell is his most important, notice your dog constantly sniffing while you're out on those walks? He's gathering information as he's sniffing; dogs can pick up information like: how many dogs have passed by and how long ago, their age, if they were healthy or not and so much more it's impressive! Sniffing a particular scent and then interpreting the information is the canine version of a mental work out. They won’t be running miles or building up muscles, but being mentally engaged is equally important.

“The effort it takes to sort and identify individual elements of an odor requires a lot of work. It’s a little like us trying to solve a tough logic problem—the required mental energy is tiring.”

Now for a fun fact, did you know 15min of sniffing is equivalent to an hour long walk? I was also surprised when I first heard this. And this is exactly why we love toys as they provide our dogs an opportunity to use their best sense, sniff out those treats and get rewarded at the same time, it's a win-win! 

But enough from us, why don't you give it a try yourself? Your dog will be happy and you won't regret it!

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