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Dog Ham nosework dog toy

Dog Ham nosework dog toy

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One of our best sellers!! This unique take on classic SPAM is both delicious and great for keeping your dog mentally stimulated and busy for hours on those rainy days. It comes lined with irresistible crinkle paper, tons of space to hide their fave treats and a flap which you can close with dog safe velcro which makes this interactive toy extra challenging. Watch them as they try to pry the lid open and sniff for hours!

Pupper Snuffle toys are the perfect way to keep your pooch engaged and busy for hours! These great interactive toys promote mental stimulation and physical exercise through their unique designs and ability to conceal treats to activate your dog's best sense - their sense of smell! This interactive toy comes with a with a long strand of fleece with 13 treat pockets and crinkle. 

level 3 snuffles | challenging nosework

how to use 

open up the crinkly lid to reveal a long strip with pockets to hide treats in. stuff as many pockets with treats, stuff it back in a seal the lid with the velcro. this crinkle toy keep your pup endlessly fascinated and you can have a light tug-o-war with your small pups.

product features 

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tiggy is rocking his bowtie from max and josie apparel in this photo

*all our toys are machine washable on gentle cycle

*our toys may not be safe for tough chewers as they have a lot of 'loose' parts, dogs should always be supervised when playing with any toy

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