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hot dog nosework dog toy

hot dog nosework dog toy

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Let it always be BBQ season for your pup! this is our most challenging puzzle toy which will provides your dog with a fun mental exercise and will keep them entertained for hours. your pup will have to use his nose, teeth and paws for this challenge.

Pupper Snuffle toys are the perfect way to keep your pooch engaged and busy for hours! These great interactive toys promote mental stimulation and physical exercise through their unique designs and ability to conceal treats to activate your dog's best sense - their sense of smell! This interactive toy comes with a removable pocket for treats (the hot dog bun) and a squeaker (the hot dog) for endless fun!

level 3 snuffles | challenging nosework 

how to use 

this unique toy has two parts, the hotdog and the 'bread bun' sleeve. fill the sleeve with treats and slide the squeaky hotdog back in, your pup will have to pull the sleeve off to reveal the toy and treats!

product features 

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tiggy is rocking his bandana from dear.elliemay in this photo

*all our toys are machine washable on gentle cycle

*our toys may not be safe for tough chewers as they have a lot of 'loose' parts, dogs should always be supervised when playing with any toy

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